Playshare Scheme

About the Playshare Scheme

The scheme is an answer to the problems many teachers experience finding suitable material for performance in examinations at all levels and the large cast demands of the school play. It aims to build up a stock of suitable plays written by people who understand the demands and needs of schools and colleges.

DramaWorks publishes plays that are suitable for schools to perform. Many have been especially commissioned for the purpose. Others were commissioned or performed by youth theatres or acting companies before being sent to DramaWorks for publication.

You will notice that certain plays on this site now have ISBN numbers in their description. These plays are considered suitable material for sixth form level examinations and conform to required specifications of duration time.

Some of the plays are full-length, or written originally with children in mind. The full-length ones are easily reduce-able and Sheherezade and Pinocchio, both also suitable for younger casts, have each been performed professionally with small number adult casts to a younger audience.

What You Are Paying For

If hard copy, with each order you will receive, in a nicely designed wallet file to keep everything together:

  1. A teacher’s copy of the script presented as a Stage Management Book, with ruled facing pages for directions, FX cues, etc.
  2. A further unbound copy of the text, for photocopying whatever you will need for your cast.
  3. Most, but not all, plays include detailed production notes and suggestions which include: character notes; notes on style and the play’s intentions; lighting, sound and FX cues; lists of properties and stage furnishings; practical suggestions on set, lighting, sound and costumes; practical suggestions, for the inexperienced director, on style and on tackling problems posed by the script.

If downloaded, there’s no attractive wallet, or photocopiable extra script, but everything else still applies!

In addition, the cost covers the Performance rights, which can be very expensive if you are undertaking a public performance of, say, a school play.

Add all this to the fact that you do not have to buy multiple copies of the script, as you normally would for each member of the cast at, say, £6.00 per copy, and the price begins to look begins to look better and better!

All Playshare items are available for purchase/download online or as printed, hard copies, with additional Posting and Packing charges (see downloadable order form).


Smaller Cast Plays Suitable for Examination Scripts or Festivals

Click titles of plays to view extracts.

All Female Cast Price
FLAT SPIN by Marsali Taylor. 6/7 F. approx 25 mins. an unselfish act amongst University students sharing a student flat. Realistic setting and situation. £65.00
FLAT SPIN 2 by Marsali Taylor. 8F doubling poss. approx 25 min. the same students try to persuade their difficult landlady they are fit tenants for another year. Comical Fun. £65.00
IT’S MY PARTY AND I’LL CRY IF I WANT TO by Jo Hardy. 5F. approx 30 mins. snappy role-swapping, physical piece about the dark and light sides of being a teenager. Challenging but fun. £65.00
BEAUTIFUL INSIDE by Jo Hardy. 5, 6 rr 7F. approx 25 mins. the dangers of peer pressure and its effect on personal image. Anorexia. £65.00
*WORKING FOR THE COMPANY by Andrew Shakeshaft. 4F. The play as it stands lasts about an hour. It is easy to pick and choose scenes to reduce the length. Andrew Shakeshaft is an award-winning playwright and many of his plays have been professionally performed. Futuristic idea – what if the cultivation of drugs was government funded and big business? Serious piece. ISBN: 978-1-911313-05-2 £65.00
*WOMAN IN THE MOON by Jeni Whittaker. 8F. The play lasts roughly one to one hour fifteen minutes [dependent on the length of the physical theatre section]. It is easy to pick and choose scenes and characters to reduce the length. The female role and differing views of marriage. Useful piece for Performing Arts exams, involving music and dance opportunities. ISBN: 978-1-911313-07-6 £65.00
*COMING CLOSER by Jeni Whittaker. 4, 5 or 6 F, flexible cast. The play runs at about an hour with the physical and ensemble work involved, making it very adaptable for examination purposes. A tale in a physical and narrative theatre style about the murder of a young girl. Don’t trust even female strangers. ISBN: 978-1-911313-09-0 £65.00
THE WATCHERS by Jeni Whittaker. approx one hour. It should not be hard to reduce to examination length. 5F, but flexible. Spooky neighbours harass a new arrival to the neighbourhood. Role-swapping and physical/ chorus work throughout. ISBN: 978-1-911313-02-1 £65.00
All Male Cast Price
*DIRTY MONEY by Joe Maingot. 5M. approx 25 mins. when big business clashes with personal integrity, who is the winner? Bush and the Iraq war the background for the play. £65.00
CROWDING ME IN Jeni Whittaker. 5M. Running time: approx. one hour, but it is easy to pick and choose scenes, or alter monologues, to reduce the length. Rebellion in a modern-day big corporation, where pressure and expectations have become too high. Physical theatre and strong characters. ISBN: 978-1-911313-13-7 £65.00
Mixed Cast Price
A GOOD CAUSE by Marsali Taylor. 5F,4M or more, approx 40 mins. A story of family and
political conflict as we follow Janie Sandison and the Women’s Suffrage Movement from 1910 onwards.
THE ARGUMENT by Andrew Shakeshaft. 4M, 3F. approx an hour fitted minutes. It is easy to reduce the scenes, which mainly involve two actors at a time, and to pick scenes without certain characters, to reduce the number of players. Andrew Shakeshaft is an award-winning playwright and many of his plays have been professionally performed. Sophia has to find the strength to ditch cheating boyfriend Leon, with the help of her friends. ISBN: 978-1-911313-15-1 £65.00
ALL ABOUT JENNY by by Jo Hardy. 3F, 2M, OR 4F, 2M. approx 20 mins. Good exam script.
Jenny struggles with self-image issues. Boyfriend killed in London bombing.
BIG HAIR DAY by Fiona Baddeley. approx one hour fifteen minutes. It is easy to pick and choose scenes to reduce the length and involve only 5 cast members. comedy set in the 1970’s in a hair salon, exploring the hopes and dreams of those who work there. ISBN: 978-1-911313-11-3 £65.00
BREATH by Nikki Atkin-Reeves. 4/5F, 2/3M. With the physical approach required, the running time is approx one hour. Uses fairy-stories and nursery rhymes to explore the issue of stalking. ISBN: 978-1-911313-01-4 £65.00
*PUNCHING JUDY by Jo Hardy. 2F/1M. a teenage pregnancy ends tragically. accompanied by moving or still projected images and/or puppetry, this is a challenging, thought-provoking piece £65.00
THE REUNION by John Tarrant. 7F, 3M. approx 30 mins. the contrast between the aspirations of a group of pupils and what has happened to them ten years after leaving school. £65.00
ALL CHANGE by Jo Hardy. 2M, 3F. Making us aware of the consequences of our actions . If we had a chance, is it possible to alter what we have set in motion? Strong characters. approx 30 mins. £65.00
THE JOKER Jo Hardy. 23F/2M, 4F/1M or 4F/2M, 5F/1M approx 30 mins. The dangers of on-line gambling. Interesting characters and some physical theatre opportunities. £65.00
*BEHIND THE WIRE by Jo Hardy. 4F/1M approx 30 mins. Set around a women’s labour/concentration camp with echoes of The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. Strong characterisation. £65.00
RAIN LKE GLASS by Andrew Shakeshaft. 7M, 3F. approx one hour fifteen minutes. It could easily be cut to examinable length. Andrew Shakeshaft is an award-winning playwright and many of his plays have been professionally performed. Marcus must learn to move on from the shadow of his talented brother and stand up for himself in the worlds of work and girls. ISBN: 978-1-911313-17-5 £65.00
TERROR by Jeni Whittaker, 30-40min play. flexible cast, approximately 4F, 4M. The build up to a terrorist bomb placed in a busy shopping mall on a Saturday morning. Physical style, role-swapping, Chorus work. £65.00
THERE WERE 7 OF US by Andrew Shakeshaft. 5M, 2F. approx an hour fifteen minutes. Andrew Shakeshaft is an award-winning playwright and many of his plays have been professionally performed. A level leaving get-together weekend goes badly wrong when outsider Simon makes a statement impossible to ignore, which affects everyone’s lives. ISBN: 978-1-911313-19-9 £65.00
THE TURN OF THE SCREW by Michael and Patricia Theodorou. Possible for 2F, 1M; 2F, 2M, 3F,3M. From the ghost story by Henry James. Can be done with a cast of about 15/16, in a show lasting approx 80 minutes, but also offers versatile casting and is easily reduce-able for exam purposes. ISBN: 978-1-911313-36-6 £65.00

Of the above, most are more suited to GCSE level.

* Could be used at A level. They have sufficient character depth and/or impact through presentation style.

Large Cast Plays – Festival-length to Full-length

[Includes Plays for Younger Students. These are indicated.] Price
BULLY FOR YOU by John Tarrant. mixed cast of 18, could be all F, could be less cast with doubling. approx 40 mins. ages 11 – 14. bullying and how to cope with it. £65.00
A CHRISTMAS CAROL by Michael Theodorou. 9F + 24M or up to 22F + 11M. approx 45 mins. a charming new rendering of the well-known story. ideal for Xmas end of term. £65.00
PINOCCHIO by Jeni Whittaker. mixed cast, or single sex. 14 – any number. suit Yrs 5,6 or 7. between half an hour and one hour or more. physical theatre re-interpretation of trad. story, including whole cast all the time. Though commissioned and written initially for youngsters, this plays has been performed professionally by a T.I.E. group as a Community Theatre project, with adults playing the parts. It was divided up [which isn’t hard] between 5 people [in that instance] but is adaptable to any number you wish. ISBN: 978-1-911313-35-9 £65.00
THE CUCKOO CLOCK by Michael Theodorou. mixed cast 30 plus. adapted from Victorian childrens’ book. Suit Years 5,6,7,8. Could involve even younger children. Full – length. Lonely orphan Griselda is shown a magical world by the cuckoo clock. £95.00
TONTINE by Marsali Taylor. 14F / 3M. The running time, uncut, is approx.. one hour. Or, for a shorter play, it could be cut to exclude some of the periphery characters, focusing on the main ones, doubled with the modern teenagers. Linked together with the silk-workers’ chants, it could still be an effective piece. The appalling facts about the young women who worked in the French silk manufacturing businesses in the 18th century. ISBN: 978-1-911313-33-5 £65.00
SHEHEREZADE by Jeni Whittaker. 41 mixed cast speaking cast, much doubling possible. suit Yrs 7/8. approx 1hr. how our heroine tricks her husband to save her life through telling stories [Arabian Nights]. approx. one hour fifteen minutes. There are many opportunities for cutting this play to make it focus more on the messages about feminism and the role of the artist/writer in society. It is very physical theatre, with often slapstick humour. It has been performed, in abbreviated form, by a much smaller and older cast, focusing on the sisters and the Caliph, with the few additional characters who occur in these scenes doubled. This play was especially commissioned for its first professional performance. ISBN: 978-1-911313-23-6 £65.00
WAITING by Nikki Atkin-Reeves. mixed cast, min. 18, of which at least 6M. The play is about one hour fifteen minutes long. For examination purposes it would be possible to choose scenes involving characters that would reduce the length and the cast size.
This play was written as a commissioned piece of theatre. Teen and life issues in a physical theatre format – waiting for life, death, good or bad news, or just queuing! ISBN: 978-1-911313-25-0
WHY MUST I BE A TEENAGER IN LOVE? by Michael Hatfield. – mixed cast of 31, doubling possible. approx 1hr. fun script about gangs, acceptance, boy-girl stuff and rock’n’roll! £65.00
THE DEVIL IN THE SHADOWS by Andrew Shakeshaft. all M cast. min 15 M + extras. approx 1hr. suit Yrs 8/9. different `take’ on the Grendel/Beowulf story. mix of drama, physical theatre poss. and humour. £65.00
GHOSTHUNTERS by Jeni Whittaker. – 55 speaking parts, mixed or single sex [orig. for M], doubling poss. approx 1hr. suit Yrs 6/7. 5 plays within play. spoofs Harry Potter, James Bond etc. £65.00
THE CHANGELING PRINCESS by Marsali Taylor. 38 or more mixed cast, can double. full length. suit Yrs 6/7/8/9. humorous fun panto-style play without lovey-dovey bits. £90.00
MARKED by Nikki Atkin-Reeves. 18F, min 6M with doubling. Though a full-length play, for examination purposes it is quite easy to follow through one or two patients’ stories and exclude others. Act One stands quite well on its own and deals with the top eight characters only, for instance. It’s easy to reduce still further and to bring the cast numbers down to 4,5 or 6, with occasional doubling. This play was written as a commissioned piece of theatre. Explores attitudes to the mentally disturbed and care in the community. thoughtful, often funny. strong characters. ISBN: 978-1-911313-31-1 £95.00
LYSISTRATA by Michael Theodorou. 12F / 9M, + chorus of men and chorus of women. Full length play. It can easily be reduced to fewer characters and scenes to make a good examination length piece. An accessible modern English version of Aristophanes’ original. Fun, lively and lewd! ISBN: 978-1-911313-29-8 £95.00
THE VILLAGE THAT KILLED A MAN by Michael Hatfield. min 10F / 13M or more. full length play. strong, physical a, passionate – and often funny adaptation of ‘Fuente Ovejuna’ by Lope de Vega. approx two hours. It has really great scenes for fewer characters, however, which would reduce it to the main storyline and make this fine play suitable for examination purposes. ISBN: 978-1-911313-27-4 £95.00
SINDRELLA, QUEEN OF THE NIGHT by Chris Walker. mixed cast of between 37-50! can be just 3M, the rest F. very good fun Vampire version of Cinderella story with a difference – a spoof. £95.00
YEAR OF THE STRANGERS by Marsali Taylor. 8F, 6M suitable for upper primary or middle schools. approx 50 mins. Follows the assimilation of a Polish family into a British school. £65.00
THE SNOW QUEEN by Jo Hardy. Large mixed cast, or can be doubled down to 15-20. Suitable for Years 7-10. A fun modern retelling of the traditional Hans Andersen story. approx 1 hr 15mins £70.00
GOD REST YE MERRY BUSINESSMEN by Jo Hardy. 10-15 chars, mixed cast mainly F. Could be all F. Very good modern take on Christmas Carol story. Suitable for Year 10 upwards. approx 45mins £65.00
THE REVENGERS by William Meadows. Full-length play. 21 fairly evenly mixed cast. Excellent fun based on the best-known of Shakespeare’s characters and scenes. Ideal school play. £90.00
ADAM AND EVE by Terence Brady. Full-length play. 2M, 1F with poss. chorus. Very witty dialogue. A talented trio of young actors could pull this off, or plunder it for good exam dialogues. Based on Mark Twain’s story. A great fun version of the familiar story, with witty dialogue and humour. The play does not ignore the darker side of the story: Lucifer, the expulsion from Eden and the murder of Abel by his brother. Its suitability for examination purposes, although it is a full-length play, is that it is easy to pick and choose scenes which will hang together, without losing the story-line. Terence Brady is a professional writer with many screen and television credits to his name, including popular series like Upstairs, Downstairs, as well as stage plays and novels [often co-written with his wife, Charlotte Bingham]. ISBN: 978-1-911313-21-2 £75.00

Special Offer while Stocks last!

Please note that Special Offers cannot be ordered/downloaded online.

£6.00 Only:

ALEXANDER – SON OF THE GODS by Damian Brant. min 6F, 12 M +M/F extras. approx 1hr. story of Alexander the Great, in classical verse style with physical theatre opportunities.

MARY’S STORY by John Tarrant. 4F. approx 45 mins. Injustice and punishment in a school setting. Set in 1955 to discuss corporal punishment.

MONKEY by Damiam Brant. min 2F, 1M +6 either/or. better with larger cast. approx 40 mins. a troop of apes [played as humans with some ape like moves] discover the importance and dangers of individuality.

THE STORY OF MAGGIE REID by Marsali Taylor. 5F, 3M. approx 30 mins. ture tale of a 19th century girl who killed herself when her sailor fiance, believed dead, turned up after she had married his father.

WHEN WILLIE COMES MARCHING HOME by Joe Maingot. 4M. What is heroism? A father loses both sons in the 2nd World war. Were they heroes? Strong well-developed characters. approx 25 mins.

£10.00 Only:

BULLYBOY by Joe Maingot. 6M. approx 25 mins. a sensitive boy regrets bullying a younger boy and runs away from boarding-school. serious subject but plenty of humour along the way.

THE LOST ONES by Jo Hardy. 4F, 2M. A private house in WW1 becomes a school in the 50s, then a modern correction-centre. Two WW1 ghosts and their diary link the three periods. approx 30 mins.

INSIDE SAM’S HEAD by Marsali Taylor. 14F chars. approx 25 mins. about the experience of being deaf and other peoples’ perceptions of it within a school environment.

SUSPICION by Marsali Taylor. 13F chars. doubling poss. approx 30 mins. theme of gossip and the damage it can do in a school environment.

CHANCE OF A LIFETIME by Jo Hardy. 3F + 1/2M, or 4F + 1 M. approx 20 mins. what if you could just glance at a news page in the future, which shows the winning lottery numbers…?

THE FAME THING by Jo Hardy. multiple roles, min.2M,5F. Fame and how some make it, others don’t. The inflated importance we give to celebrities. Thought-provoking. approx 25 mins.

THE LASSES OF THE HAAF GRUNEY by Marsali Taylor. 4F, 1M. Old Shetland Isle story of two sisters lost at sea who fetched up in Norway. Dialect play. Some flexibility in cast. approx 25 mins.

SMALL WORLD by Jo Hardy. 4F. The play is set in a women’s prison. Present Time.

£12.00 Only:

ADVENTURE ON ALGENIB by Marsali Taylor. – 44 or more mixed cast, can double. full length. suit Yrs 5/6/7. astronaut explorers think they are the most advanced beings in space – but are they?

VIDEO NASTY by Michael Theodorou. 3F, 7M + extras. approx 45 mins. naturalistic dialogue round youth/street crime, linking it with video violence. includes follow-up work/ resource pack.

£15.00 Only:

SHADOWS OF AN OUTLAW by Andy Limd and Roy Civil [music]. 30 plus mixed cast. full length musical. wheel-chair bound Wild West outlaw sends his 3 daughters to complete his unfinished tasks…

This was sent to me as a musical, but the music was never forth-coming in written note form, or as a CD with music only. There is a CD available if wanted, but it has the writer singing the words. You will need to state if you want this and there would be an extra fee of £3.00 if you do.

The price reflects the fact the writers never sent me all I needed BUT the script is great fun. It is worth considering just as a script, excluding the songs. This is why I am offering it at a very reduced price. The writing and the jokes are good.

£18.00 Only:

BEING A GROWN-UP by Chris Walker. adaptable cast numbers and sexes. Can be a full-length script, or with scenes covering separate subjects could be used for exam purposes.

DRACULA by Michael Theodorou. up to 40 mixed cast, min. 6F / 7M with extras. full length play. serious adaptation of the original Bram Stoker novel. needs strong technical effects.

THE FEMALE MIND by Chris Walker. 8F, 6M min, adaptable cast, multiple roles. What makes women tick? A humorous investigation into the female psyche and attitudes. Enormous fun! Full-length play

£45.00 Only:

FAMOUS AND FORGOTTEN by Andrew Colley and Fiona Ross [music]. 20 plus mixed cast. full length docu – musical. true story of a Preston ladies’ football team team in the First World War.

This is a fun shortish musical. The price includes a music script, written for piano accompaniment, and a CD of the music, with, of course, the script itself.

Further Questions Answered

Will Exam Boards accept these plays as texts in a scripted performance examination?

The answer is ‘Yes‘. These plays are ‘published’ by DRAMAWORKS. All of the plays accepted – and they are chosen carefully from the many sent by teachers – have been performed successfully [so we know they work] and many have won awards in festivals for new scripts.

Are more plays needed?

YES!! Please keep sending them to me. We need plenty more – especially plays for single-sex casts, short and full-length.

Dramaworks is looking for short plays of around 15-20 minutes duration, with either all female, or predominantly female characters with a view to publication and distribution. Plays of a similar length for an all-male cast are also welcome. Also for new plays and musicals of any length, suitable for school use.

Most questions will be answered if you look at the details given for each play. Otherwise, Jeni will be happy to answer questions if you contact her.