About DramaWorks

The key to all DramaWorks resources is the phrase ‘through practice.’ The educational thinking behind every publication is that students remember by doing and through experiment.

DramaWorks Provides:

  • Teaching resources relevant to all the current UK syllabuses
  • General teaching resources for Keystage 3, 4 and for all courses at sixth form level
  • Short plays suitable for exam work and for general use at Keystage 4 and above
  • Longer plays suitable for ‘the school play’
  • Plays suitable for Keystage 3 and the top end of Keystage 2

All resources are a blend of full, clear explanation and practical exploration.

All teaching resources are written by Jeni Whittaker.

Most plays have practical notes and suggestions added by Jeni Whittaker.

A drawing of The Globe Theatre

DramaWorks Teaching Resources Include:

  • Stanislavski Through Practice
  • Brecht Through Practice
  • Artaud Through Practice
  • Year 7 Drama Plans
  • Year 8 Drama Plans
  • Year 9 Drama Plans
  • Styletasters 1: Stanislavski, Artaud, Grotowski
  • Styletasters 2: Brecht, Boal, Brook
  • Devising Skills
  • Understanding Drama
  • A Growing list of Plays Through Practice
  • Approaches To Unseen Text
  • Exploring Physical Theatre
  • Exploring Theatre: Kneehigh
  • The Basics
  • Reviewing Plays
  • Genre, Style, Context

… with more to follow

All of the above are committed to being practical and easy to follow. They are intended as a resource for teachers inundated by administrative paperwork with less time for careful planning than they would like.

Jeni Whittaker:

Jeni Whittaker was for many years a teacher, an examiner and a chief examiner of Drama and of Theatre Studies. She also both acted and directed professionally. This combination of skills and experience has illuminated the resources and made them of particular relevance to the tackling of all present examination syllabuses.

Since founding DramaWorks, 18 years ago, her work has become widely known and used throughout schools, colleges and even at University level. She has been an adviser on the setting up of new courses, a university external examiner and has done many inset training days for drama teachers throughout the UK.

Find out more about Jeni Whittaker on her website…