DramaWorks is UNIQUE in its approach.

DramaWorks is a small publishing business dedicated entirely to teaching resources about theatre and drama. Most of these feed into the examination syllabus requirements for GCSE and for the higher exam levels [all sixth form level drama exams] though there are also lesson plans for years 7, 8 and 9 [ages 11-14] and general work on Devising and on Physical Theatre, which are suitable for use at many levels.

You will find these, and work on Practitioners, plus detailed work on set texts, under Teaching Resources. Plays published for performance in schools and youth theatres are to be found under the Playshare Scheme.

Jeni Whittaker’s New Novel: Courage Game

Courage Game by Jeni Whittaker

ISBN-10: 1800464517 | ISBN-13: 978-1800464513

Digital Theatre+ and DramaWorks form exclusive partnership

Digital education platform Digital Theatre+ and specialist drama education publisher DramaWorks have entered into a 9-year, exclusive partnership.

The deal will result in over 37 curriculum-mapped learning resources on key theatre practitioners and texts being made available to Digital Theatre+’s 3 million users from 1,000 schools, colleges and universities in over 55 countries.

It also includes a commitment to commission another 40 resources over the period. The agreement sees DramaWorks Founder Jeni Whittaker, a renowned former drama teacher and Chief Examiner, join Digital Theatre+’s distinguished Creative Learning Advisory Panel.

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About DramaWorks

Jeni Whittaker understands the problems facing students, who need to translate visual and practical experience into written form.

Every important theory of each practitioner is made uniquely accessible and tested through practice.

Drama Through Practice

‘Through Practice’ is the byword to everything DramaWorks produces. This means that every exercise is tried and tested and WORKS.

The practical testing of theory is key to understanding and remembering.