The Snow Queen by Jo Hardy


CASPER - the Snow Queen's servant
KAY - a village boy GERDA - Kay's best friend
MOTHER - Kay's mother
GRANDMOTHER - Gerda's grandmother
VILLAGERS - 1-5 speaking parts and dancers/extras
CAMILLE - a witch
DOVE ELF - the shoemaker
CLARISTA - a gypsy girl
GYPSY GIRLS - dancers
STORYTELLERS - 3 for poems
ICE STATUES - possibly dancers

Depending on how many people you want to involve, this can have fewer characters with doubling the villagers and narrators and storytellers, for instance. However, it would make a good junior Christmas play. It can be as short as an hour, or longer if you want to put in plenty of dancing.

Sample Pages from the script

Sample Extract

The village street. Country dance music. Villagers are walking around greeting each other and holding conversations, etc. Gerda enters, looking around.

GERDA Kay! Where are you?

KAY Over here. I was looking at sweets. Mother promised me a penny on Friday for digging the garden and planting the winter vegetables. I'm working out what to spend it on.

GERDA If I had it I'd buy a strawberry surprise and two jelly bears.

KAY I don't want to buy a strawberry surprise -

Pause. Gerda looks disappointed.

But you shall have your jelly bears!

She smiles and produces a picture book.

Is that new?

GERDA Not really. Grandmother gave it to me more than a year ago. I suddenly remembered it and brought it to show you. Look at the strange creatures, Kay. They live in the mountains. There's a picture of a reindeer. He looks kind.

KAY He looks really friendly.

GERDA And there's an elf making shoes and a cross-looking fairy. And look at these people. They're a bit like gypsies. They live in the wildest places and make their living from robbing unwary travellers - like the old lady wearing a cloak in that picture.

KAY They don't look like good people, Gerda.

GERDA I think they're sad.

KAY Sad?

GERDA Look at their eyes. They look like they are part of a story which isn't finished yet.

KAY I would very much like to go up into the mountains one day, Gerda. I think there would be adventures there.

GERDA I'd like that too.

KAY So perhaps we can go together ...

They leave.

Villagers freeze as the narration continues, after which the lights focus on the top level.

NARRATOR 1 That was the sort of friendship they had.

NARRATOR 2 And of course they believed it would last for ever.

NARRATOR 3 Or at least until they died.

NARRATOR 4 But they didn't know about the Snow Queen.


In the mountains. The Snow Queen stands amongst the remnants of the smashed mirror.

SNOW QUEEN The sorcerer thought he could deprive me of the mirror, but he was a fool. He did not know the deep magic that exists for those of us who have the courage to seek it. Few would dare to attempt to restore this mirror ...

CASPER And your Highness is planning to do this?

SNOW QUEEN Of course I am! You should know by now, Casper, that I always get what I want...

CASPER Of course, your Majes ...

SNOW QUEEN And right now I want some wine!

CASPER Straight away your ...

SNOW QUEEN Immediately!

CASPER Of course, your Highness!

He exits.

SNOW QUEEN The only way to restore the mirror is to do so through an innocent child. The right child, chosen by me, will be able to piece together the remains I have here. The magic dust from the smaller particles of mirror is floating in the air and the fools think it's snow. All I need is for a particle of it to find the right target. And I know where that is ...

The lights come up on the 'frozen' village as Casper enters and hands her a goblet of wine.

CASPER But your Majesty has always hated that village. Too many good people, you always say.

SNOW QUEEN Indeed, Casper. Far too many good people. You know how much Ihate good people.

CASPER So why...?

SNOW QUEEN Because I need a good person. Stand back!

She casts a spell - with an appropriate sound effect - as the scene below becomes animated.


The village.

Enter Kay and Gerda.

KAY I've got the penny. Ready for jelly bears?

GERDA Kay! It's snowing!

KAY It can't be! How can it be snowing in the middle of summer? [He holds out his hands.] You're right, though, it is snowing.

GERDA And look around. Nobody can believe it. I don't think it has ever snowed in summer before. Do you think it's magic?

KAY I think it must be. [Smiles.] What else could it be?

Dance - the villagers with Kay and Gerda joining in. It ends as Kay doubles up in pain and the others crowd round to see what is wrong.

GERDA What's wrong, Kay? Are you hurt?

KAY It's my eye. Something in my eye.

GERDA Let me see. [She stares into his eye.] I think I can see something. It looks like a splinter - a tiny splinter of ice. I think it must be the snow.

KAY obviously recovering Yes. It must be the snow. It's all right now. It doesn't hurt any more. I feel cold though.

GERDA Well, it is getting colder and [Looks up.] the snow has gone. That's a pity. I was enjoying it. But there are snow clouds in the sky still.

KAY appears to have had a sudden change of mood, which shows in his body, face and voice Well, I wasn't enjoying it. Snow in summer is ridiculous. In fact, I don't think it was snow. Just a storm or something. There was no need for you to make such a fuss.

GERDA confused But I didn't make a fuss. I was only surprised because ...

KAY Because you just aren't very clever, are you, Gerda?

GERDA I ... Well, I ... I mean ...

KAY You see? You stand there jabbering nonsense! And stammering! What are we doing standing around here anyway? I'm cold. I'm going home.

GERDA But the jelly bears. I thought we were ...

KAY Jelly bears are for babies. And I'm too old to stand around talking to somebody who is so childish. I'm going home.

He leaves, followed after a moment by Gerda, who is clearly distressed. Two villagers stand and stare after them.

VILLAGER 1 Did you see that? I never saw Kay lose his temper before. What can have happened?

VILLAGER 2 I don't know, but Gerda is really upset. I hope he apologises to her.

VILLAGER 1 They've always been such good friends.

VILLAGER 2 That didn't sound too friendly. Something must have happened to change things, but I can't think what it might be.

VILLAGER 1 You know, it's a strange day all round. First we get snow and now this. [She shivers.] I don't like it. I'm cold.

VILLAGER 2 I know what you mean. The sun is shining again but it's weak and it's so cold it might just as well be snowing.

VILLAGER 1 It doesn't feel right.

VILLAGER 2 No. It's as if a shadow has fallen over our happy village...

NARRATOR 4 And that is what had happened.

NARRATOR 5 A shadow - an evil shadow - had fallen on the village.

NARRATOR 1 And a splinter of magic glass had pierced the heart of Gerda's friend.